Effective Lice Treatment Pleasanton CA

Served at our Livermore Clinic

Are you or your child suffering from a pediculus humanus capitis infestation?  At Nit Free Nation we cater to clients in Pleasanton and throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in search of safe head lice treatment.  While children and teens are more prone to an infestation simply because they are around so many other young people in their daily lives, anyone can become a victim.  Without an effective solution, those pesky bugs can spread throughout everyone in your family!  When you are in search of a one and done lice solution, count on our qualified professionals for amazing results.

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Unfortunately, many parents are not aware that traditional products found on store shelves for decades simply are not effective against today’s “super” lice strains.  However, these products do contain pesticides, insecticides and other harsh chemicals.  Given their ineffectiveness and the fact they are potentially dangerous, do you really want to use them on your child’s head?  Probably not.  Our non chemical lice solutions involve the use of reactionary enzymes and safe, non-toxic ingredients combined with a professional comb-out performed by trained technicians.  Why deal with the mess and stress for one more day?

Our head lice salon provides a relaxing, comfortable environment; treatment typically takes about one to two hours depending on hair length and thickness.  When you want to get rid of lice and get on with your life, there is no better or more effective option!  We know the power of natural lice treatment; we have provided clients with results that go beyond their expectations again and again.  To learn more or schedule an appointment, we invite those in Pleasanton and throughout the Tri-Valley to give us a call today at 510-786-8933.