Head Lice Treatment Services

Serving Alameda, Contra Costa and San Joaquin Counties

get-rid-of-liceNit Free Nation provides highly effective, fast results for those in Livermore & the surrounding Tri-Cities area who suffer from head lice.  No pesticides or harsh chemicals – just safe, non chemical head lice solutions that eliminate those pesky bugs and their nits.  We provide peace of mind for anyone who is infested with this frustrating and stressful condition.

How does it work?

Our natural head lice treatment involves proven techniques that rely on non-toxic ingredients and reactionary enzymes lice find offensive.  When combined with a professional comb-out provided by our highly qualified technicians, you can rest assured that every last critter and nit (egg) are eliminated.  Unlike OTC products containing pesticides, we use products containing natural ingredients that are preferred by teachers, parents and pediatricians alike.

Our goal is to get rid of head lice using safe ingredients in a comfortable environment, so that you and your family can resume your normal routine without the hassle, mess and unreliable results often found in OTC products.  Kids and teens are as susceptible today as they were decades ago, and lice thrive in crowded environments.  The touch of heads or sharing of a brush is all it takes.  Our safe head lice solutions require only an hour or two or your time, so you enjoy the convenience of treatment that’s fast and proven effective.  We also provide shampoo, spray and other products designed to help keep your children and your home pest-free!

Quick and Painless One-Time Treatment

lice-shampooAt Nit Free Nation we use products that are gentle on the hair and scalp yet tough on head lice.  If you are in the San Ramon or surrounding Tri-Cities area we invite you to see for yourself just how easy it can be to get rid of lice in a way that is 100% safe and proven.  Contact us today!


Nit Free Nation lice clinic offers the most affordable treatment plan in the Bay Area. Our goal is to not only treat the problem but to educate families on how to best prevent this problem from happening again. Our treatment price is not based on an hourly rate like most lice clinics. Prices vary depending on length of hair and severity of infestation.

We offer a 14-day Guarantee as long as everyone in the household is checked.

Full Family Head Check (One Time Payment) – $30

Full treatment: $50 – $160

Dry comb out: 0 – $30

Oil comb out: $30 – $100

Severe infestation: $160 and up

* All prices will depend on length or hair and severity of lice

Mobile Services:
No mobile service fee.