Treating your Home for Lice

Professional Instructions

lice-shampooTreating your home and car is a very important step when your trying to stay lice free. Always remember lice can only live 2 to 3 days off a human head. An easy way to help rid your house of those pesky bugs is to think of all the places or items your head has touched and isolate all those items in a garage or closet for 3 days. Below we have listed some more simple instructions that need to be done after treatment.

COUCHES AND CHAIRSР Vacuum very well from top to bottom. Place all throw pillows and throw blankets in garbage bags for 3days or place in the dryer for 30min on high heat.

FLOORS AND CARPETS– Vacuum very well

HAIR ACCESSORIES– Take all brushes, combs, hair ties, bows and either place in the freezer for 2 days or boil water and place inside for 20 min. Remember to wash with soap and water after.

BEDDING– All bedding should be washed in hot water and placed dryer on high heat. All pillows should be placed in the dryer for 30 min.

CLOTHING– All clothing, jackets, hats, bath towels or anything worn in the last week should be washed and placed in the dryer on high heat.


BACKPACKS – Place in dryer for 30 min or wipe down using cleaning products. (visual inspect)

TOYS AND STUFFED ANIMALS – Isolate or place in garbage bags for 3 days. Or place in the dryer on high for 30 in.