San Ramon Head Lice Treatment

No Harsh Chemicals Used

At Nit Free Nation we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with head lice, especially considering the majority of over-the-counter products aren’t effective today.  If you are in San Ramon or surrounding areas of Contra Costa County we invite you to learn more about our non chemical head lice solutions.  This condition is not only highly contagious, but uncomfortable.  It impacts your life in more ways than you can imagine – and children will be sent home from school until the situation is resolved.  Why deal with the stress when you don’t have to?

We provide a one treatment lice solution that relies on non-toxic ingredients and reactionary enzymes to eradicate those pesky bugs and their nits.  Unlike traditional products that are messy and require repeat applications, you can come into our lice clinic confident the results will be better than you could have imagined.  Our professional technicians perform a thorough comb-out to ensure every last critter is gone!  No pesticides or other harsh chemicals found in most products on store shelves.  In most cases all it takes is about an hour or two of your time depending on severity of infestation and the length and thickness of hair.

Clinic Conveniently Located in Livermore

No one is immune from this uncomfortable condition, however children and teens are especially susceptible given their close proximity to others who may be infested at school, in sports or other school activities, at summer camp and more.  Our safe head lice treatment is proven effective and trusted by teachers, pediatricians and parents to get ride of lice once and for all.  Don’t waste your money on products that don’t work, and that contain ingredients that could potentially be dangerous!  If you are in San Ramon or the Tri-Valley area, we invite you to call us at 510-786-8933 and schedule an appointment at Nit Free Nation now and put the worry behind you!