Safe & Guaranteed Lice Treatment

Serving Tracy Residents at our Livermore Location

livermore-lice-treatmentAt Nit Free Nation we know the frustration parents face when they learn their child has head lice.  Whether you live in Tracy or anywhere in the Tri-City area, you may be wondering whether you should use those products found on store shelves to alleviate the condition.  The fact is, traditional products that have long been used by parents often contain pesticides and other harsh chemicals.  Additionally, most strains of head lice have become immune to these ingredients, making them ineffective.

We provide non-chemical head lice solutions that deliver exceptional results, treatment that is trusted by teachers, pediatricians, camps and parents.  Today, parents are looking for a natural way to get rid of those pesky bugs that is completely safe and gentle to hair.  Our trained and qualified technicians use a process that involves reactionary enzymes and non-toxic ingredients combined with a thorough comb-out to ensure every last bug and nit (egg) are removed!  This gives parents enormous peace of mind, and your family can get back on with life without the hassles, mess and repeated applications necessary with OTC products that likely won’t deliver results.

No Harsh Chemicals

Given the activities children engage in, their crowded environments and the fact they love taking “selfies” with friends in which heads often touch, it’s no surprise that head lice infestations are just as common today as they were decades ago.  At Nit Free Nation we provide natural solutions that are guaranteed and performed in the relaxed, comfortable environment of our lice salon.  Just an hour or so of your time, and you’ll be on your way back to your daily routine!  We invite those in Tracy and throughout the Tri-Cities area or Contra Costa and Alameda Counties to schedule an appointment now at 510-786-8933.