Frequently Asked Questions


Lice are a tiny wingless parasitic/ insects. They feed off human blood from the human scalp and will die 24 to 28 hours without it.


Lice eggs are referred to as nits. They are laid near the scalp and are glued to the hair shaft. The eggs take around 6 to 7 days to hatch. Then you have the Nymph, which are unable to reproduce.

Nymph’s stay very close to the scalp and don’t crawl around. In around 7 days you have an adult lice. At this stage lice are able to mate. The female will lay eggs 2 days after mating and can lay up to 8 eggs a day. Adult lice can live up to 30 days on a human head.


– Lice can not jump or fly

– Lice actually prefer clean hair

– Only the females lay eggs

– If you don’t get both lice and eggs out you will get reinfested

– Lice is most common in school age children

– Lice can not live on animals

– Only the female lay the eggs

– Head lice do not carry disease