Dublin Head Lice Removal

Served at Your Location!

While you may not realize it, traditional OTC products designed to get rid of lice are not as effective as they once were.  At Nit Free Nation we provide non chemical head lice treatment to those in Dublin and throughout the Tri-Valley area that is proven effective and trusted by pediatricians for exceptional results.  This uncomfortable and frustrating condition can turn your daily routine upside down, and it’s very stressful – not to mention highly contagious, particularly among young children and teens!

Parents have long trusted products developed to eradicate this condition found on store shelves, however it is important to know that most contain pesticides and/or insecticides and are no longer effective against the strains of head lice found today.  What parent wants to go through the hassle and mess, not to mention use harsh chemicals on their child’s head?  Our safe head lice solutions work using non-toxic ingredients and reactionary enzymes along with a thorough comb-out procedure performed by highly qualified technicians.  If you are in search of a one and done solution to this aggravating condition, look no further.

Safe, Effective Nit Removal

No one is immune from those pesky bugs, whether children or adults.  Given that kids often share brushes, combs, hats, and other accessories or touch heads while taking “selfies,” it’s no wonder this condition is as common as ever before.  At Nit Free Nation we rely on natural head lice treatment that is guaranteed effective, gentle on hair, and performed at your location by trained professionals who need only about an hour or two of your time.  A trusted, convenient and easy way to say “adios” to those pesky critters!  We invite anyone in Dublin, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to contact us now to learn more or schedule an appointment at 510-786-8933.